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Why Peru is reviving a pre-Incan technology for water

By Erica Gies Today, modern Peruvians are redeploying that ancient knowledge and protecting natural ecosystems such as high-altitude wetlands to help the country adapt to climate change. It’s one of the world’s first efforts to integrate nature into water management on a national scale. It’s akin to the long-held attitude toward solar and wind power […]

Two Questions Philanthropy Must Ask in This Urgent Moment

by David Bonbright The times are calling us to find and address root causes: A global pandemic, deepening inequities, worsening natural disasters, a tsunami of species extinctions, rising authoritarianism around the world, and polarization fuelled by AI-driven tech. Why are these trends persisting? What can we do beyond plastering over the cracks? How can we […]

Millennium Alliance for Humanity and the Biosphere

The MAHB mission is twofold: Foster, fuel and inspire a global dialogue on the threat of collapse and how interconnected biogeophysical and socio-economic systems contribute to, and are affected by, the existential threats facing humanity Develop and implement strategies for shifting human cultures and institutions towards practices that promote a future in which people can […]