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Notes from a 1.2C world

I was born at the end of the eighties, this side of Hansen’s testimony to the US Congress and before the first Scientists’ Warning and Earth Summit in 1992. Much of the subsequent mainstream narrative on the environmental crisis seems to have been akin to warning fellow crewmates on a ship of a far-off storm. A small deviation in course would avoid disaster in the future. It is of course challenging to learn that, in the intervening thirty-odd years, the bearing was not changed, and the ship accelerated, as so many warned throughout. We are now well into the storm and heading deeper, as this paper so thoroughly reminds us. This next stage materially changes our strategies for shared survival. What to do?

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The Global Challenge: Education, empowerment, employment, and economics: tools for building a promising future.

The OMEGA Resilience Funders Network, the FAN Initiative, and MAHB invite you to a webinar on March 11th at 8:00am PST with Ashok Khosla. The conversation will be hosted by Michael Lerner to discuss ‘The Global Challenge: Education, empowerment, employment and economics: tools for building a promising future.

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Love in a Ghastly Time

In our last #WeContainMultitudes​, Akwasi Aidoo, poet, human rights and peace advocate, and engaged philanthropy professional opened the conversation by talking about perceived antimonies – Summertime in Winter – and inviting participants into a dialogue and deliberation on the paradoxes and antagonisms evident in a world seemingly blown to pieces: pandemics, inequality, extremism, climate change, emigration crises and sadness.