Gerald Barekye

ORA Africa Fellow / Uganda

Project: Improving food systems and nutrition security of EACOP affected communities through organic farming in Hoima district, Albertine Graben.

This project will be implemented in Hoima district with East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP) affected communities. The main objective of the project is to increase food security and farmers’ participation in environmental conservation for sustainable production during our lifetime and future generation. This project will target women and youth who were affected by the EACOP, and they will be trained in organic farming techniques to boost their production levels. An agriculture demonstration farm will be established in communities for farmers to go to and learn better methods of farming to improve their livelihoods.

The expected outcomes include:
1. Better living standards and reduced poverty levels among community members.
2. Sustainable environmental sanitation experienced as a result of reduced deforestation, increased afforestation and agroforestry practices
3. Adversities in climate change such as desertification and effects of global warming will be mitigated.
4. Increased production per area under production due to improved soil quality, water availability and usage of sustainable farming techniques.
5. Good agricultural practices adopted by at least 60% of the participants.

Gerald Barekye is a Ugandan environmental activist working with Center for Environmental Research and Agricultural Innovations (CERAI) as Executive Director. Previously, Gerald worked with Africa Institute for Energy Governance as research associate and also as agriculture extension worker with Wakiso District Farmers Association. Gerald is a farmer and environmental activist holding a bachelors in Agriculture and Rural Innovations from Makerere University with training in Energy Justice and Natural Resource Governance. Gerald commenced his journey as an environmental activist in 2018 when he spearheaded the formation of CERAI, which is a youth-led nonprofit company advocating for energy transition, climate justice, agriculture innovations and natural resource governance in Uganda. In his journey, Gerald has advocated for energy transition from fossil fuels to clean renewable energy and connected oil affected communities in Albertine Graben to seek justice. During his work, Gerald has published many advocacy materials with over 50 newspaper opinion articles published by both local and international media houses, and he has participated in both local and global campaigns on need to end fossil fuel developments in Africa. Due to increasing climate change impacts, Gerald is currently mobilizing young people in Uganda to be agents of change and actively participate in environmental conservation measures to save planet earth. His current research interests include energy justice, climate change, agriculture governance and food security.

ORA is an opportunity for learning improved approaches to dealing with increasing polycrisis levels so as to attain sustainable development.