Real Hope

The Global Polycrisis won’t go away. But there are reasons for hope.

In human history:

  • We’ve faced great challenges before.
  • We weren’t always profit-driven.
  • We’ve lived frugal lives with joy.
  • We knew the natural world to be sacred.

As we face the Global Polycrisis, we can:

  • Meet the climate crisis with deep adaptation.
  • Prioritize the most vulnerable people & communities.
  • Live simply & build resilience in all its forms.
  • Work on all the interconnected global stressors.

In many ways, the human condition is improving. Harvard scholar  Stephen Pinker’s Enlightenment Now documents global improvements in health, education, and welfare, reduction in deep poverty, and much more. This real progress is often ignored by those who see only chaos ahead.  But Pinker largely ignores the Global Polycrisis.

We believe awareness of the Global Polycrisis is not incompatible with living lives of joy, commitment to our friends and communities, and human service. Fear is not a productive response to our dilemma. Neither is resignation or despair.

Vaclav Havel spoke of the difference between optimism and hope. Optimism is the belief that things will go well. Hope, he said, is a deep orientation of the human soul that can be held in the darkest of times.

It won’t be easy. The losses to nature & the suffering of humanity will be immense. Our work is to save what we can & build something better. For our children. And for all life on earth.