Agroecologist Miguel A Altieri‘s recent article highlights the very real stressors of climate change on the future of human food supplies. Conventional responses fail to address the complex reality of the polycrisis, but indigenous practices offer hope in their ecological orientation.

The harsh realities of climate change are becoming more visible and dangerous throughout the world according to the latest assessment of the IIPC. Experts project that in the coming decades climate change will increase in all regions and that a 1.5°C of global warming between 2030 and 2052 will be linked to increasing heat waves, longer warm seasons and shorter cold seasons. Today’s greenhouse-gas concentration is >500 ppm CO2-e, which according to the IPCC gives Earth a mere 66% chance of not exceeding a 2°C warming, which would surpass critical tolerance thresholds for human, agriculture and ecosystems health.

Miguel A Altieri

Read the full article by Miguel Altieri in E-International Relations

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