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We live in the global polycrisis — the interaction of two dozen environmental, social, technological and economic/financial stressors.

The polycrisis comprises all the arenas of crisis interacting unpredictably and with gathering frequency and force. These stressors are interacting with increasing power and velocity.

The result is the seventh extinction and threatens the human future as well.

COVID and climate change are posterchildren for the global polycrisis. But inequality, toxic chemicals, global debt levels and emergent technologies are among the global stressors that increasingly interact to shock and undermine our biological and social systems.

States are failing and refugee populations are fleeing climate change, violence and poverty.

We are headed into a period where human casualties are likely to be high.

Only if we prepare with authentic resilience measures at the individual, community, state, national and international levels will we save more biodiversity and humanity from ever increasing future shocks.

The Global Polycrisis is an unprecedented global systems problem. We need to understand it in order to respond as wisely as possible.