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The Global Polycrisis

The Global Polycrisis is the sum total of all stressors affecting planetary health.

It’s an unprecedented global systems problem. We need to understand it in order to respond as wisely as possible.

COVID-19 is a poster child for the fragility of global systems. Several dozen global stressors have created a “perfect storm” for humanity and the biosphere. OMEGA helps funders understand the Global Polycrisis. We can build deep resilience for the storms ahead.

Biosphere stressors

  • Climate crisis, sea-level rise & changing weather
  • Biodiversity loss rate 10,000 times normal
  • Toxification of all life & insect Armageddon
  • Ocean acidification, dead zones, plastics & depletion of fish & plankton
  • Declining & polluted fresh water
  • Depleted top soils, vanishing forests
  • Ozone depletion
  • COVID and future pandemics
  • Many more

Societal stressors

  • Poverty, racism & injustice
  • Unsustainable economic growth & debt
  • Vulnerable supply chains & power grids
  • Population overshoot, refugee crisis & resource competition
  • Pandemic diseases & fertility decline
  • Dysfunctional geopolitics & failing states
  • War, terrorism & nuclear threats
  • Many more

Technology stressors

  • Electromagnetic frequency (EMF) pollution
  • Uncontrolled technologies: artificial intelligence (AI), biotech, nanotech & robotics
  • Displacement of people by robots & AI
  • Cyber threats
  • Big Data threats to democracy, privacy & human rights
  • Modification of the human germline and bifurcation of the population
  • Many more

The greatest threat we face

The Global Polycrisis is far greater than any individual stressor. Non-governmental and civil society organizations play a critical role in social and environmental change. But most work on silo issues such as climate change or poverty. Few work on the Global Polycrisis.

Most philanthropy is also focused on silo issues. Philanthropy tends to overlook the Global Polycrisis—the greatest cumulative threat to humanity and the biosphere.

The consequences

Increasingly severe future shocks may lead to:

  • The spread of failed states.
  • Increasing numbers of desperate migrants.
  • Possible civilizational collapse.
  • Accelerating biospheric decline

If we prepare, these and other future shocks may prove survivable.

We could build a greener and more just world on the remains of the old order.

Let’s not think about it

People give four good reasons not to think about the Global Polycrisis.

  • It’s too overwhelming to think about.
  • I can’t see how to make a difference.
  • I want to focus on things we can change.
  • I just scarcely get by day by day.

We understand. We’re not here to argue. We’re here to talk to the people who do want to think about it.

Good news and real hope

The Global Polycrisis won’t go away. But there are reasons for hope.

OMEGA is hopeful. Whatever the future may hold, we are committed to human service and the community of life on earth. 


OMEGA focuses on the Global Polycrisis.

OMEGA is a learning community, not a funder affinity group in the usual sense.

We’re not trying to change your decisions on resources or mobilize collective funding for specific initiatives.

We just think the Global Polycrisis is worthy of consideration.

We welcome a wide range of views from across the global spectrum of perspectives and opinions.

And we welcome your interest.