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Many global stressors—environmental, social, technological, financial, and economic—are causing future shocks of increasing frequency & force. What can we do?

Are we witnessing civilization’s decline or the dawn of a new stage in human evolution—​or perhaps both?

Omega incubates new initiatives for
living in and through the global polycrisis.

What we do

The Omega Collaborative

We convene scientists, systems thinkers, artists, activists and others engaged in resilience research & action.

Resilience Funders Network

RFN convenes funders & other investors exploring strategic responses to the polycrisis.

Omega Resilience Awards

ORA funds new models of thinking, leading, and acting to navigate the global polycrisis.

The Long View

Our online magazine chronicles the polycrisis with trusted news, analysis, and stories of hope from across the political spectrum.

We are deep in the global polycrisis.

We will do better if we accept its reality, seek to understand it, and learn to navigate it. How will we discover the best way to live? How can we give each other—and our children—the hope and courage we need?

 Stay informed with podcasts & videos of recent discussions with leading thinkers.

Oct 28 2022

Ecosocial collapse & the Lithium Triangle in Argentina, Bolivia & Chile

Dr. Maristella Svampa and Enrique Viale joined Tom Kruse from the Rockefeller Brothers Fund to discuss what the predominant narrative around the polycrisis–framed...
Oct 25 2022

Rationing in the Polycrisis with Stan Cox

Managing increasing demand for water, clean air, minerals, energy, and food is rapidly becoming one of our greatest challenges. What strategies are available to us? Are...
Ukraine abandon building
Sep 19 2022

Are we on the eve of a nuclear disaster?

The Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant is the largest power plant in the Ukraine and in Europe—some of the major protections against meltdown have been severely damaged...
Close up photo of the US Capitol building dome
Jul 13 2022

Framing the next paradigm and the challenge facing democratic governance with Philip W. Yun

Omega founder Michael Lerner and guest Philip Yun engaged a discussion about the nature of the struggle ahead for democratic governance in the new world we are...

Hope & courage for these times