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Ghastly Discussions & Response
Omega + HOMEF: A timely & essential partnership

Health of Mother Earth Foundation (HOMEF) is pleased to be partnering with the Omega Collaborative and Commonweal in executing the Omega Resilience Awards (ORA) programme through the Omega Resilience Awards – Africa (ORA - Africa) platform. We are excited about this...

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Welcome to the world of the polycrisis

Pandemic, drought, floods, mega storms and wildfires, threats of a third world war — how rapidly we have become inured to the list of shocks. So much so that, from time to time, it is worth standing back to consider the sheer strangeness of our situation. As former US...

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Watching the world burn

My own “Oh Shit!” moment came in early 2009, two years after I began writing on the science and geopolitics of climate change for Agence France-Presse.  I had reported on scores of peer-reviewed studies, talked to scientists, attended UN climate summits, and...

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Modeling the drivers of the metacrisis

In this fourth installment of conversations with Daniel Schmachtenberger, we dive deeper into the nuances of humans using energy, materials and technology. Human’s ability to develop and use tools is one of our greatest strengths—yet has also led to increasing...

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Beyond catastrophe a new climate reality is coming into view

You can never really see the future, only imagine it, then try to make sense of the new world when it arrives. Just a few years ago, climate projections for this century looked quite apocalyptic, with most scientists warning that continuing “business as usual” would...

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The Polycrisis: An introduction

What crisis? A year ago, one might be forgiven for thinking there was a moment of relative calm for wealthy countries: a year of vaccinations had made the pandemic less acute, inflation hadn’t yet provoked interest rate hikes, and labor markets were strong. In the...

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Underestimating the Challenges of Avoiding a Ghastly Future

Corey J.A. Bradshaw, Paul R. Ehrlich, Andrew Beattie, Gerardo Ceballos, Eileen Crist, Joan Diamond,Rodolfo Dirzo, Anne H. Ehrlich, John Harte, Mary Ellen Harte, Graham Pyke, Peter H. Raven1 William J. Ripple, Frédérik Saltré Christine Turnbull, Mathis Wackernagel and Daniel T. Blumstei

An international group of 17 leading physical and social scientists, including OMEGA Advisory Board member Joan Diamond, have produced a comprehensive yet concise assessment of the state of civilization, warning that the outlook is more dire and dangerous than is generally understood.

The paper has generated over a thousand media articles and interviews which suggests that public interest is extremely high despite competing news– insurrection, inauguration, and pandemic.

This Ghastly study has been covered in media organizations including CNN World, Reuters, The Guardian, International Business Times, Taipei Times, The Irish Times, and the University of California among many others.

See full article published by Frontiers in Conservation Science, 13 Janurary 2021.