Director, Omega Founder, Commonweal

Senior Adviser, Omega - Executive Director, Jenifer Altman Foundation

Senior Advisor, Omega Executive Director, MAHB and Fan Initiative

Digital Architect, Omega

Co-Director, Omega Resilience Awards

Senior Advisor, Omega

Communications Director, Omega Co-Editor, The Long View

Informations Systems Director, Omega

Senior Advisor, Omega Executive Director, Commonweal

Chief Strategy Officer, Omega Co-Director, Omega Resilience Awards

Coordinator, Omega and Omega Resilience Awards Co-Editor, The Long View Director, Commonweal Resilience Project

Editorial Contributor, The Long View

Our Partners

Omega has many different partners in evolving relationships.  Two of our founding partnerships in the Omega Collaborative are with the Millennial Alliance for Humanity and the Biosphere and the Foresight Analysis Nexus. Additional partners, like AAdeAA, StartUp!, and HOMEF are critical anchor institutions for the Omega Resilience Awards

Foresight Analysis Nexus (FAN)

In the face of converging and growing crises, civilization is at risk and the planet suffers. The FAN Initiative provides the science needed to help understand and navigate through the threat of biospheric and societal collapse. A strong response from humanity is required.

Millennium Alliance for Humanity and the Biosphere (MAHB)

The MAHB, (pronounced “mob”) is a meeting place for global civil society — citizens concerned with the interconnections among the greatest threats to human well-being: this is the human predicament. The MAHB provides information about this global challenge, solicits new voices, offers opportunities for members to form working groups and discussion fora, and interact with a diverse community committed to ameliorating the threats to humanity.

The Resilience Project

The Resilience Project (TRP), a program of Commonweal, builds on four decades of work on healing ourselves while healing the earth. TRP explores how we can build personal and community resilience in our own communities and organizations through site-based prototypes and coalition-building.

Asociacion de Argentina Abogados/AS Ambientalistas

Based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, AAdeAA works on issues of ecological and social justice. Their vision is to build and implement the institutional and legal frameworks necessary for socio-environmental justice to be understood as a structural pillar in the construction of societies. Through legal, legislative and communicational advocacy they support community based organizations throughout Argentina and much of South America.  They are committed to stopping the deepening ecological and climatic collapse while accelerating actions towards a comprehensive and just socio-ecological transition.

Health of Mother Earth Foundation

Based in Benin City, Nigeria, HOMEF believes in locally generated knowledge and practice, and the need for people-centered dialogues around critical environmental issues. They are focused on unearthing the systemic roots (social, political and economic factors) of environmental and food challenges. Their program areas include fossil fuels, food production and hunger, and sustainability. HOMEF has developed deep expertise in facilitating community dialogue and joint learning on complex issues related to the polycrisis.

Start Up!

Based in New Delhi, India, START UP! Is an incubator, accelerator, and leadership springboard for social entrepreneurs. They work with early-stage social entrepreneurs to launch ventures that create deep impact. They also facilitate growth-stage social entrepreneurs to scale their models and drive large-scale systemic change. A cornerstone of their work is in training and coaching emerging leaders.

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