The Omega Collaborative is a steadily growing working group of partners around the world. Collaborative partners have three things in common: shared overarching goals, a deep sense of synergy, and a commitment to mutual respect and kindness..

The collaborative partners include Stanford University’s Millennial Alliance for Humanity and the Bisophere and the Fan Initiative. Additional partners include the Omega Resilience Award anchor institutions in India, Africa and Latin America and the Omega Research Grant recipients around the world. If your organization is interested in being an Omega Collaborative partner, please contact us.

Engaging diverse global perspectives is foundational


The Collaborative focuses on systemic risk, interconnected and intersecting stressors, complexity, equity, governance, and the full range of issues threatening civilization.


We are committed to engaging perspectives from the Global South and developing a Collaborative that is truly global in nature. Our goal in bringing together these diverse perspectives is to explore new ways of thinking.


We select partners with the goal of ensuring a diversity of informed opinions and perspectives. Civil society initiatives are the foundation of our Collaborative.