Based in Benin City, Nigeria, Health of Mother Earth Foundation (HOMEF) believes in locally generated...

HOMEF, the Omega Resilience Awards (ORA) partner in Africa, has just launched their search for fellows working to address the global polycrisis. Omega’s ORA fellowship program is designed to identify visionaries who can help their communities chart a path toward a more resilient future. The Fellowship convenes three global cohorts (with approximately seven fellows each) every year. Omega has a foundational commitment to regional, historical and cultural diversity; the intention is that the majority of ORA Fellows are under 40 and have diverse culture, race, ethnic, and gender orientations. 

In this inaugural year, ORA is focused on Latin America, Africa, and India as cohort sites. In each of those regions ORA partners with a local NGO to help co-design cohort recruitment, training and facilitation. Learn about all three current anchor organizations here.

See the full announcement & get info on how to apply at the HOMEF website.

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