Commanding Hope Book Cover

Commanding Hope

By Thomas Homer Dixon

Commanding Hope marshals a fascinating, accessible argument for reinvigorating our cognitive strengths and belief systems to affect urgent systemic change, strengthen our economies and cultures, and renew our hope for a positive future for everyone on Earth.

Frightening pandemics, terrible inequality, racism and poverty, rising political authoritarianism, the inescapable climate crisis, and the resuscitated danger of nuclear war.

We know the story. Some choose not to see it. Each of these crises seems so much larger than any one of us can understand or handle. Yet today, they all seem to be going critical simultaneously. In Commanding Hope, I show why and how we got here; and most importantly, I show the powers we possess to renew our imperiled world. This is a hopeful book.

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  1. Robert F Hahn
    Robert F Hahn says:

    I am interested in the ideas information and networking that the resilience project generates
    Please keep me posted
    Bob Hahn

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