Ogechi Okanya Cookey

Partner, Africa

Ogechi Okanya Cookey (PhD) was formerly Communications and Research Lead in Health of Mother Earth Foundation where she recently began serving as Research and Publications Coordinator.

Ogechi studied communication from Bachelor’s to PhD level but identified research as a potent way of making impact right from her undergraduate days. She has since worked with Faculty organizations and individuals in carrying out funded research projects and; is championing research-based policy-making, information-based, community-centered, applied and action research in lieu of the myriad issues confronting the human society. She is bent on offering practical knowledge on the application of communication strategies and tactics in the broad dissemination of and in igniting engagements with research outputs in environmental, climate, food and adjoining issues.

Ogechi is a certified teacher and the pioneer of GrassRoots Data Hub, an association of researchers from different backgrounds but with shared interest in gathering authentic data from the Roots.

She is a passionate researcher, facilitator of learning, communicator—writer, an editor, a reviewer and proof reader—with over five years of experience in these areas.