Paramita Saha

Partner, India

Paramita is a performer, curator, and arts manager, based in Kolkata, India.  For more than 10 years, she has designed strategic programs and partnerships that intersect between the worlds of art, business and social entrepreneurship. She has worked tirelessly to integrate art, movement and dance into social change processes, especially education and environmental sustainability.

Paramita co-founded ArtsForward, a unique organization that has engaged in the field of creative advocacy for environmental sustainability, audience development for the arts, nurturing and supporting emerging artists and fostering artistic ability in the youth. She also runs At the Still Point, India’s only crowd-funded dance platform. Paramita is an ArtThinkSouthAsia 2016 Fellow and a Global Fellow of International Society of Performing Arts 2018 and 2021. At Start Up! Paramita brings her skills as an inter-disciplinary art and culture leader.

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