Pradip Saha

Pradip Saha has over thirty years of experience in the communications field, working with multiple forms of media communication, including the management of the communications arm of the Centre of Science and Environment, which involved the delivery of Down to Earth, a science and environment fortnightly, to 50,000 readers in both print and web formats. He has worked with large-scale communication national and international campaigns on issues such as water, climate change, and urban mobility. 

Since 2012 to present, he has been Director, DamageControl Consultancy Private Ltd which works with policy research, strategic integration for public and private actors, and business development with a special focus on communication, strategy, and knowledge products. 

Pradip has been on the Jury and Board of several film festivals and academies, respectively, such as Film Festival on Climate Change, UNFCCC COP 16, Cancun, Mexico and Working Committee Member, French Water Academy in 2006 and 2008. He has extensive campaign experience on issues including water, urban mobility, forestry and climate change.