Pranshu Singhal

Pranshu is the founder and head of Karo Sambhav – a social enterprise that is working to make circular economy possible and is enabling enterprises to close their material loops. Karo Sambhav covers e-waste, plastic packaging waste, battery waste and glass and continues its exploration towards less scrutinised sectors like mattresses and textiles. Pranshu aims to shape and catalyse the set-up of a well-governed and accountable end-of-life waste management industry with transparent practices.

Prior to founding Karo Sambhav, Pranshu led global education and sustainability operations for brands like Microsoft and Nokia. He is a globally recognised expert on systems thinking, product policies, take-back and recycling systems, LCA, environmental management systems, and education transformation. Pranshu draws on his experience of having worked with a diverse spectrum of global and national agencies.

In 2008, Pranshu designed the world’s largest take-back and recycling program for mobile phones in India under Nokia. The programme paved the way for the country’s current progressive legislation on e-waste management and influenced the industry to take up product stewardship for EEE as an important part of their sustainability strategies.

Pranshu has been a part of prestigious fellowships including Ashoka, Aspen, Chevening Gurukul, and Aspire Circle. Pranshu also holds a Masters in Environmental Management and Policy from IIIEE, Sweden.