dipti bhatnagar

ORA Africa Fellow / Mozambique

Project: Looking into the history of 500 years of colonialism, slavery, and genocide written into African bodies, minds, communities, and countries, as well as the solutions and lessons; collectively learn the real lived experiences of Africa’s peoples that struggle and survive and have so many solutions to share with the world; spark conversations and connections and; tell stories across the seas.

dipti bhatnagar, an African with a diaspora heart, has been an activist for over 20 years.

The ORA-A fellowship brings together a thoughtful and talented cohort of people who care deeply about the beauty and resilience of Africa and her peoples. I feel so grateful to be part of this cohort. After 20+ years as an activist, I am keen to learn and contribute to our collective work of confronting the polycrisis and caring for each other and ourselves while we do it.