Nandini Velho

ORA India Fellow / Assam, India

Project: Canopy Collective: Generating new practices at the intersection of conservation science, community knowledge, and new media.

As a scientist, field biologist, and conservationist, Nandini’s research is located at the intersections of the biophysical (the natural world), the social (human capabilities), and cultural (society, community, and governance). Over the years, Nandini has collaborated with artists, storytellers, illustrators, local historians, and the community at large to facilitate local communities to engage deeply and participate meaningfully in reclaiming their forests in new ways so that they can build deeper relationships with nature for their well-being. At Canopy Collective, she is building an inclusive space for storytelling on conservation in India, a space for collaboration, partnership, and design between scientists and young filmmakers from grassroots communities and local forest managers.

I am extremely happy to be selected as an ORA India Fellow. It not only comes at an important time in life, when I’m trying to consolidate and build a body of meaningful work, but this is the type of trust-based support that we require to do work about what matters to us and the world deeply.

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