Orlando Huerta Ponce

ORA Latin America / Mexico

Project: Title: Training and Reflection on the Energy Transition. The project seeks to carry out a series of training and reflection days that mainly address the topics of energy transition, energy poverty, and de-masculinization of the electrical and energy sector. Events within the city of Puebla are planned with the aim of bringing the debate closer to the cities, creating spaces for dialogue between the various sectors: academics, activists, students and the general public.

The eldest son of a mother from Puebla and born in the arid lands of the capital of Chihuahua in 1993. While studying renewable energy engineering, I worked managing projects from 2014 to 2017. It was until this year that his journey led him to collaborate with the Union of Cooperativas Tosepan, soaking up the cooperative and community work model, with these new ideas and one year after graduating from engineering, he quit his job and started a technological and educational cooperative venture on energy issues with friends from different disciplines. Currently and since 2017 he is a working member of the Cooperative Society of Workers in Alternative Energies and Social Studies Onergia S.C. from R.L. de C.V.