Rosalia Shacain Marian

ORA Latin America / Ecuador

Project: Training of young people of the Shuar Nationality on climate change. The project will be carried out with young people from the communities of the territory belonging to the Shuar nationality of Pastaza. The objective is to carry out socialization workshops on various topics such as territorial defense, climate change, leadership, and current problems. All of this is to allow and give young people a tool to generate changes and be able to reach decision-making spaces that are important today.

My name is Rosalia Shacain, I am an indigenous Shuar, and I belong to the Tarimiat community. I am 34 years old, and I am a Shuar National Women’s Leader. From an early age, I had to work and study; I became independent at the age of 16, and I had a son for whom I had to be a Father and Mother. Years later I returned to my community and they chose me as a women’s leader. Later, when I participated in a meeting, several people selected me to represent my nationality as a youth leader. I did not have much experience, but in this time I had the opportunity to meet people who have allowed me to work in the best way and help young people of my tribe. Now I represent the youth of my tribe.