Ruhani Kaur

ORA India Fellow / New Delhi, India

Project: Using photography and multimedia to tell stories of inequities affecting the human condition.

A visual journalist, Ruhani uses photography and multimedia for persistent and effective storytelling so that stakeholders can be equipped to push for action. Gender and environment have been the recurring themes of exploration in her work. Ruhani believes visual storytelling on the global polycrisis can be immersive, emotional, and, most importantly, conducive to action. Ruhani’s work has been part of several public campaigns and has been used to push for policy change. Her work has been published widely by national and international publications and agencies. Ruhani is shifting from strict print-led forms of storytelling to mixed-media, interactive, and more fluid formats to effectively communicate the intersectionality of the personal with the environment.

As a deep dive into slow journalism, the ORA Fellowship will allow me the freedom to create an overarching multimedia language to be more impactful with my work.

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