Sarika Panda

ORA India Fellow / Haryana, India

Project: RAAHGIRI FOUNDATION: Making Indian roads safe, inclusive, and liberating through citizen and government partnerships.

Sarika and her team of designers, urban planners, and urban engineers at Raahgiri Foundation, together with industry, civic society groups, city governments, and communities, are making road infrastructure safe and accident-free, especially for the most vulnerable users, through redesign and re-engineering. Sarika advocates and promotes sustainable modes of transportation, such as walking, cycling, and public transport, to address the climate crisis. Sarika pioneered the Raahgiri Day event in India where, on a weekend morning, city residents from all walks of life converge on designated roads to play and walk without fear. It is gradually transforming the narrative of Indian roads – from unsafe and dangerous to friendly and inclusive. The model has been replicated across 70 cities with various partners.

Working on the ORA fellowship award requires not only intelligence and expertise but also resilience and adaptability. It is a challenging but rewarding opportunity to make a meaningful impact in the face of complex and interconnected global issues.

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