Cascade Institute

The Cascade Institute is a Canadian research center located at Royal Roads University in Victoria, British  Columbia, Canada. It addresses the full range of humanity’s converging environmental, economic,  political, technological, and health crises. Using advanced methods for mapping complex systems,  Institute researchers identify and help implement high-leverage interventions to rapidly shift humanity’s course towards fair and sustainable prosperity.

ORA Research Project

The Cascade Institute’s ORA Research Fellowship funding  is being used to support the development of a network of  organizations and individuals dedicated to understanding the global polycrisis through research, policy  analysis, and communications. Researchers around the globe are striving to understand the changing nature of global risks and develop appropriate strategies to address them, but their efforts are  fragmented, and the field remains underdeveloped. Of greatest concern, we have yet to understand the  mechanisms by which crises in different systems interact, synchronize, and compound one another. This  project will ameliorate this situation by mapping the landscape of polycrisis (and related) research, by  proposing a shared research agenda to understand mechanisms of crisis synchronization, and by  launching an engagement process with this emerging network in both the Global South and Global North  to better integrate and advance its efforts.

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