Cohort 2040

Formally launched in early 2021, Cohort 2040 is the brainchild of Laurie Langbourn, who is currently a Visiting Fellow at Chatham House, an Associate Fellow at the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) and a Visiting Fellow at the Global Systems Institute (GSI), University of Exeter. At IPPR, his work leading the Responding to Environmental Breakdown programme resulted in a 2019 Prospect Think Tank of the Year award. Laurie is also a trustee at the New Economics Foundation (NEF) and co-author, with Mathew Lawrence, of Planet on Fire: A manifesto for the age of environmental breakdown, published by Verso Books in April 2021.

Previously, Laurie was the Director of the UK Health Alliance on Climate Change and was the co-founding Executive Director of the Economic Change Unit. He has also worked at the Grantham Institute at the London School of Economics and the Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET) at Oxford University, in the House of Lords. Laurie has a MPhil in economics from Oxford University and a BSc in physics.

ORA Action Research Grant Project

Cohort 2040 will explore and synthesize understanding on the key dynamics of the polycrisis and their potential to challenge or overwhelm those attempting to facilitate a transition, present these findings using accessible and impactful narratives and frames that are most relevant to their target audiences, and to explore policies and capabilities in response. Two key deliverables include a podcast documentary exploring lessons from leaders who have successfully led their communities through periods of chaotic change; and a Future Leaders’ Playbook that summarizes key insight, lessons, and best practices for emerging leaders confronted with rapidly changing conditions.