Founded in 1999, Dasra is a strategic philanthropy organization that aims to transform a billion lives for them to thrive with dignity and equity. Dasra works with a team of 100+ to build meaningful and long-term relationships with non-profits, funder groups, government, and intermediaries. It sees itself as a catalyst in India’s philanthropic sector by driving collaborative action to accelerate social change. Learn more at their website.

ORA Action Research Grant Project

Dasra is undertaking a research study that provides a landscape assessment of the role of private philanthropy in navigating the polycrisis. Together with the support of experts, thought leaders, and non-profit actors Dasra will build a flagship report that offers actionable insights on the subject. The objectives of the study are as follows:

  • Undertake a landscape analysis of the philanthropy sector to assess its current engagement and potential role in addressing the polycrisis
  • Study the giving journey of leaders in the philanthropy sector to spotlight good practices and narratives through case studies
  • Leverage insights from the research to disseminate and socialize learnings through targeted outreach for the uptake of the polycrisis framework