Jeremy Lent

Jeremy Lent is an author, speaker, and pioneering synthesiser of natural and social sciences, recognised for his profound contributions to understanding the patterns underlying human history and the path forward for human civilisation. Through his writings and speeches, Lent presents a vision that transcends traditional boundaries of knowledge, merging scientific understanding with wisdom from various cultural traditions. With a background in business, Jeremy shifted his focus towards exploring the patterns of thought that have led humanity to its current ecological and social crisis. His works, including “The Patterning Instinct” and “The Web of Meaning,” propose a new framework for understanding our place in the cosmos, rooted in connectivity and sustainability.

Jeremy’s recent appointment to the Club of Rome – an organisation focused on charting new directions for the future of humankind – underscores his significant impact on the discourse around sustainability and ecological civilisation. His work aligns with the Club’s mission to propose solutions through a holistic worldview, emphasizing the need for systemic change to address ecological, economic, and social issues.