Miguel Altieri

Miguel Altieri is a world leader in transforming our relationship with agriculture and food. He taught agroecology and urban agriculture at UC Berkeley for 37 years and serves as a guest professor at numerous Universities in Latin America, Spain, and Italy. He has conducted most of his research in California and Latin America, working closely with farmers on implementing principles of agroecology to design productive, biodiverse, and resilient farming systems

In  2006 he was awarded an Honorary Ph.D. 1996 Universidad Nacional de Cajamarca, Peru.   In 2015 he received a Doctor Honoris Causa at the Universite Catholique du Lovain, Belgium. In  2017, he became Honorary Professor of the University of La Frontera in Chile. In 2018 he was inducted to the Earth Hall of Fame by the Kyoto Prefecture, Japan and received the Diploma de Reconocimiento  ( recognition diploma) “Naturaleza, Territorio y Sociedad” from the  Universidad de Guadalajara, Mexico. In 2022 he recived an Honorary Doctorate from the Universidad Nacional Agraria de Habana, Cuba.

He has written more than 250 scientific articles and more than 40 books among them Agroecology: the science of sustainable agriculture, Biodiversity and pest management in agroecosystems and Agroecology: science and politics. He is currently  Co-Director of the Centro LatinoAmericano de Investigaciones Agroecologicas (CELIA –www.celia.agroeco.org) He is also a farmer in the hillsides of south west Antioquia, Colombia, where together with his wife Dr. Clara Nicholls established an agroecological lighthouse and promotes food sovereignty projects in  neighboring rural communities.

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