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America’s (likely) violent future

Does the nation have a new lease on life? One would like to think so. Sadly, however, it looks to me as though the current period of relative calm may be brief, to be followed by worsening civil hostility.

Underestimating the challenges of avoiding a ghastly future

An international group of 17 leading physical and social scientists, including Omega Advisory Board member Joan Diamond, have produced a comprehensive yet concise assessment of the state of civilization, warning that the outlook is more dire and dangerous than is generally understood.

Systemic risks & the four dilemmas of our time

Dr. Gary Kendall presents and discusses thought-provoking perspectives on why our collective reluctance to reconceptualize paradigms commits us to a future of growing systemic risk.

Commanding Hope

This was my starting place for polycrisis reading and I was pleasantly surprised by how optimistic and engaging it was. I got the audio version and walked many miles with this uplifting book. If you want to wrap your head around these troubling times without and skip the doom & gloom, start here.


Ministry For The Future

Set in the near future, the novel follows a subsidiary body, established under the Paris Agreement, whose mission is to advocate for the world’s future generations of citizens as if their rights are as valid as the present generation’s.