Love in a Ghastly Time

Webinar Presented Feburary 22nd, 2021

“We have become dangerous to each other while this virus hops from one to another. …. Yet there are people coming closer together, knowing the danger. Knowing that it’s dangerous, they’re still taking that step to love someone else, whether it’s in their household or bringing food to a neighbour, and that’s love. Thinking about these terms like reciprocity and collectively and the new politics – one of the things I think I’m trying to regain sight of is: what is holding it together and what is excluding other people from it. In all of our rational, academic side – we don’t have even words for what makes that happen but I think it’s love. It’s not money, I don’t know how you value it. …. if you focus on love, it’s the humanity in that love that would allow us to find a different politics, I think.” (Lucy Bernholz)