OMEGA: Rescue, From Global Crisis to a Better World with Ian Goldin

In Goldin’s 2001 book Rescue, he reflects on lessons of the pandemic and how we all have power to create a better future, to tackle the global challenges, and to capture the opportunities for a radically transformed way of being and living in the world. Despite acknowledging that the global system is broken, Ian is positive about its potential. Rescue covers issues ranging from globalisation to governments that serve, income inequality to the future of jobs, better business to cities of tomorrow. It argues against the rise of individualism, reflecting that unless we build a culture of cooperation, unless we recognise our interdependence, we are facing extinction. And it looks at ways in which we might all move the system towards a trajectory for a better future. For Ian, this is a catalytic moment, where the opportunity for change is now. It is not time to simply bounce back or reset to the same operating system. Bouncing back to business as usual would be disastrous, leading to escalating inequality, potentially more devastating pandemics and escalating climate change.

Professor Ian Goldin is a Professor of Globalisation and Development at the University of Oxford. He is a Professorial Fellow at the University’s Balliol College. From 2006 to 2016 he was the founding Director of the Oxford Martin School and currently leads the Oxford Martin Research Programmes on Technological and Economic Change, the Future of Work, and the Future of Development.

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