Samir Bordoloi

ORA India Fellow / Assam, India

Project: SPREAD North East (NE): Building networks of young indigenous food advocates and agripreneurs to galvanize the local food economy across the North East.

A graduate in agricultural studies, Farmer Samir Bordoloi builds networks of young indigenous food advocates and agripreneurs across the North East Region who galvanize the local food economy in a sustainable manner. Youth and farmers are inducted into a deep and reflexive leadership training to come together in an intergenerational network of ‘Green Commandos’ who create a knowledge economy around ecological farming and restore the pride, confidence, and conviction of farmers in the naturally available, indigenous crops and the slow, natural and joyful way of life. Samir has trained 2000 Green Commandos and is now seeking to expand his alliances to Green Juniors, a network of green changemakers from rural schools across Assam.

I am extremely happy for the kind acknowledgment of my work and the motivation to take it forward. Looking forward to co-create a world where we live in harmony with nature. I am eagerly waiting for the Cohort, and to learn more through networking, to lead more young people toward earth-friendly living and livelihood development. This achievement is another driving force to serve the grassroots farming communities to develop with the local food wisdom.

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