Partner, Latin America

Partner, Latin America

Co-Director, Omega Resilience Awards

Partner, India

Chief Strategy Officer, Omega / Co-Director, Omega Resilience Awards

Founder, Omega & Commonweal

Partner, Africa

Partner, India

Partner, Latin America

Director, Commonweal Resilience Project / Co-Editor, The Long View / Coordinator, Omega & Omega Resilience Awards

Director Narrative Development, Commonweal / Omega Co-Editor, The Long View

ORA Anchor Organizations

In our inaugural year, Omega’s ORA project is focused on work in Latin America, Africa, and India as cohort sites. In each of those regions we partner with a local NGO to help co-design cohort recruitment, training and facilitation. These are our current global partners.

Health of Mother Earth Foundation

Based in Benin City, Nigeria, HOMEF believes in locally generated knowledge and practice, and the need for people-centered dialogues around critical environmental issues. They are focused on unearthing the systemic roots (social, political and economic factors) of environmental and food challenges. Their program areas include fossil fuels, food production and hunger, and sustainability. HOMEF has developed deep expertise in facilitating community dialogue and joint learning on complex issues related to the polycrisis.

Start Up!

Based in New Delhi, India, START UP! Is an incubator, accelerator, and leadership springboard for social entrepreneurs. They work with early-stage social entrepreneurs to launch ventures that create deep impact. They also facilitate growth-stage social entrepreneurs to scale their models and drive large-scale systemic change. A cornerstone of their work is in training and coaching emerging leaders.

Asociacion de Argentina Abogados/Colectivo de Acción por la Justicia Ecosocial

Based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, AAdeAA/CAJE A works on issues of ecological and social justice. Their vision is to build and implement the institutional and legal frameworks necessary for socio-environmental justice to be understood as a structural pillar in the construction of societies. Through legal, legislative and communicational advocacy they support community based organizations throughout Argentina and much of South America.  They are committed to stopping the deepening ecological and climatic collapse while accelerating actions towards a comprehensive and just socio-ecological transition.