How ocean warming is warping the world

by David Wallace-Wells in The New York Times….The vastness is also growing — not just because of melting Arctic and Antarctic ice, which could raise global sea levels by several feet this century and many more in the millenniums to come, but also because of what is known as “thermal expansion.” Heat expands the volume of water too and to date is responsible for at least one-third of all sea-level rise.

The disruption nexus

by Roman Krznaric in….Polycrisis. Metacrisis. Omnicrisis. Permacrisis. Call it what you like. We are immersed in an age of extreme turbulence and interconnected global threats. The system is starting to flicker – chronic droughts, melting glaciers, far-Right extremism, AI risk, bioweapons, rising food and energy prices, rampant viruses, cyberattacks.

The climate is the economy

by Nitish Pahwa on…Intensifying hurricanes, floods, and heat waves are wreaking havoc across the country—and on all of our bank accounts.

Endowing the future

by Civic Square and Dark Matter Labs, Endowing the Future is a chapter in …..The Neighbourhood Public Square seeks to demonstrate regenerative civic infrastructure at the heart of Ladywood, Birmingham, co-building and democratising access to the spaces, tools and resources for a bold, imaginative, distributed transition, held in common with the neighbourhood.

Going sane in a crazy world

By Richard Heinberg, in….The consequences of our adoption of consumerist, growth-seeking industrialism will ultimately be a crash—hopefully only partial and temporary—of society and nature.

We asked 380 top climate scientists what they felt about the future…

by Damian Carrington in The Guardian…In the face of such colossal danger, why is the world’s response so slow and inadequate? The IPCC experts overwhelmingly pointed to one barrier: lack of political will. Almost three-quarters of the respondents cited this factor, with 60% also blaming vested corporate interests.

How scared should you be of bird flu?

by Jennifer B. Nuzzo in The New York Times….No one knows whether H5N1, if left unchecked, will become the deadly pandemic that public health experts like me worry it could. Many of us have been watching H5N1 with alarm for more than 20 years.

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