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Are these the end times?

by Richard Heinberg in…Although we made great steps in understanding the structural factors driving “end times” in our societies, our theories, models, and data can be greatly improved. Such understanding, in my opinion, is key for developing effective reforms and policies that can take us on a better course out of this crisis. Beyond making science better we need a broad public discussion of its implications, and of what needs to be done. Ordinary citizens can help by educating themselves on these issues, by participating in the discussion of possible remedies, and ultimately by putting pressure on our ruling elites to act in ways that benefit the people broadly, rather than (as they’ve been acting over the past few decades) in their own narrow and shortsighted personal interest.

Top 40 impacts of climate change

by Eliot Jacobson in….I am not suggesting that this is a list of problems that will be “solved” by addressing climate change. It’s too late for that. The events in this list will happen with ever increasing severity the deeper we get into the climate crisis.

The many, many positive possibilities of generative AI

by Peter Leyden in The Great Progression…The positive counter-narrative that eventually will supersede the gloom & doom stories that are currently clouding the take off of this amazing new technology

The struggle for environmental justice in Africa

by Nnimmo Bassey at….Today, Africa is facing multiple ecological challenges. All of these have resulted from the actions of entities that have seen the continent as a sacrificial zone.