Start Up!

Based in New Delhi, India, START UP! Is an incubator, accelerator, and leadership springboard for social entrepreneurs. They work with early-stage social entrepreneurs to launch ventures that create deep impact. They also facilitate growth-stage social entrepreneurs to scale their models and drive large-scale systemic change. A cornerstone of their work is in training and coaching emerging leaders.

“The global polycrisis will redefine our identities, our ways of engagement and our relationship with power structures in the years to come. To not address the polycrisis is no longer an option. But, rather than feeling defeated, we see powerful opportunities of creative dialogue, innovation and new solutions that could emerge from communities on as they partner with artists, media creators, communicators and public intellectuals. We look forward to shaping ORA India as a space of re-imagination and renewal as we collectively address the global polycrisis.”    – StartUp!

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